I hope that this revamped site will – once you’ve acclimatised a bit – be easier to get around than the previous one.
To begin with, if you look at the top right hand corner of this page, you’ll see this symbol ; click on it and a dropdown playlist of my welcome speech (not to be missed!) and the two most recent podcasts from last term’s courses on Overtures and Water will appear – choose whichever you want to listen to and press (play). You can also get to the most recent podcast recording at the bottom of pages under the heading This Week’s Podcast (but be aware that, if you use this to listen to my welcome spiel, that when I say ‘below’ I actually mean ‘above’ – confusing, isn’t it?)

Also, as I explained in said spiel, all the courses for last term are now available for public consumption and can be accessed via the main menu above (OVERTURES and WATER).

There’s also a new post for you to dip into, if the mood takes you, during the langours of August. It can be got at by clicking here or via the POSTS item in the menu near the top of this page or by clicking on the POSTS logo just below.