Welcome to a new year and a new term.

This year’s courses present an interesting diversity. The year starts with an examination of the music of Scandinavia and Finland, and then moves on in the second and third terms to explore the great German tradition with studies of Bach, Wagner and Mahler.

As you can see from the picture gallery above, we’ve no shortage of composers for consideration in this first term (and there are lots more –the course being only 10 weeks long has meant that many important figures have, regrettably, had to be omitted). Below, and in the download box on the right, you’ll find a work list of compositions that I’ve selected for listening and discussion. Two works – symphonies by Sibelius and Nielsen – have been chosen for in-depth study and the list as a whole is, I hope, a fairly representative sample of Nordic music from the rise of nationalism through to the twenty-first century.

Scandinavia work list

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