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Swansea’s really cool!
Don’t worry, I haven’t had a sudden attack of youth culture (do you remember ‘cool’ back in the ’60s and ’70s? — plus ça change!); having hung about for a short while in close(ish) proximity to the equator –‘sometime wet, sometime dry, but ever hot’, our guide explained – I mean it literally.
Still having a bit of difficulty with what day it is and when to get out the bib and high-chair, but bit by bit I’m re-acclimatising .
This post is really just to remind you that next week (Wednesday, 30th) sees the start of a 10 week course on the Mahler symphonies; and, also, for those Elgar admirers amongst you, there’s a short (5 week) course being held on Tuesday mornings in Pantygwydr Church that might be of interest. It will examine two of the composer’s finest works – the First Symphony and The Dream of Gerontius.
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