… or, to give him his full name, Ignacy Jan Paderewski was a truly astonishing man: virtuoso pianist, composer, patriot, statesman, philanthropist, orator, film star,

Hang on! Film star???

Well, after a fashion. In 1937 Paderewski appeared as himself in the British made film Moonlight Sonata. Here’s a clip from it; it’s a bit(!) mawkish for contemporary tastes, but good fun and gives us a chance to hear the elderly pianist/composer perform his own Minuet in G.


If you’re feeling up to it and you want to watch the whole film – it starts with Paderewski in a very unlikely looking concert hall playing Chopin’s A-flat Polonaise – click on the link below:

Moonlight Sonata

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Cycle of 5ths

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