September Song

Not the Weill/Anderson/Sinatra version – fine though it is – but, to end this short concert series, we have a September Song by Richard Strauss that’s nearly (or arguably, just) as famous. It’s preceded by two separate and very different musical days of high Summer, one from America, one from Bohemia; plus – in case […]

Hills (blue remembered and other)

On the idle hill of summer,Sleepy with the flow of streams… Concert: A. E. Housman’s dark rural world in A Shropshire Lad, with its contrasts of pastoral beauty and human tragedy, finds its musical equivalent in the work of George Butterworth; firstly, in Butterworth’s settings of Housman’s verse for voice and piano and then in […]

Reis glorios

Five pieces for the Summer sunrise: Concert: First, Reis glorios (Glorious King), a 12th century alba by Guiraut de Bornelh, who was styled the ‘master of the troubadours’. The alba (Occitan) or alborada (Spanish) or aubade (French) is a dawn song. After the (hopeful, on the part of the singer, anyway) seduction of the evening […]

The bassment

Visit Bill Bytheway’s Flickr site Bass open strings: The continuo: Bass (=Violone) andHarpsichord (= Cembalo) Bach: Brandenburg No. 6 BWV 1051, original score … and, if you wondered about Beethoven’s double bassoon… Concert: To start at a specific movement just click on its title. A full-blooded, late Romantic concerto from a musician we associate more […]

An arm or a leg?

The open strings: A bit more… Scordatura in Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante: (tuned a semi-tone higher) The ultimate in subdivision… Richard Strauss: Don Quixote, Variation II Concert: To start at a specific movement just click on its title. The music of Marin Marais (1656 – 1728) has gained popularity through the advocacy of such viol players […]