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2014-03-29 15.32.30

In case you didn’t know (and I certainly didn’t) batophobia is fear of sky-scrapers. If you suffer from that particular perfectly sensible irrational terror, don’t ever, ever, ever come to Kuala Lumpur – the place is chock-a-block with the bloody things! There are a few architectural remnants of the old colonial days: the British administrative offices (top photo above) and the astonishing mock Tudor(??) cricket club, for instance (below).

2014-03-29 15.03.52

But even in those two central examples of benign (suppose so) British imperialism, there they are, lurking in the background, bloody towers!

The food’s pretty good, the monsoon’s fun – for the Swansea dweller it can be classified as ‘light drizzle’ – and the people are generally charming; but the skyline, the skyline’s a nightmare!

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