Vintage port, anyone?

Portsmouth Point is Walton’s overture/sound-portrait of the sea-shantied, old-tarred, booze-fuelled bustle of Swansea Portsmouth harbour in the early nineteenth century; the piece is based on this slightly risqué etching by Thomas Rowlandson: During his career Walton produced work in most musical genres, ranging from film scores through to chamber music. This week we take a […]

The road not taken

Smyth, Bantock and Holbrooke; or, more familiarly, Ethel, Granville and Joseph (aka Josef). That familiarity, however, doesn’t extend – for most people, anyway – to a knowledge of the music of these three. So, this week, we’re going to explore an alternative history, to acquaint (or reacquaint) ourselves with the works of these distinguished composers. w […]