1st Viennese School?

Mugshots of some of the most famous musicians to grace our planet. Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and (sometimes) Schubert are frequently lumped together under the blanket heading of the First Viennese School. But, unlike the Second Viennese School (Schönberg, Berg and Webern – of whom more next week), in the case of these four mostly Vienna […]


St. Stephen’s Cathedral – the heart of Vienna: here Haydn was a chorister and later got married; here, too, Mozart married his Constanze and later christened his children; Johann Strauss the younger was also married here, while the cathedral’s register of deaths contains many illustrious musical names including those of Vivaldi and Schubert. The importance of […]

X. Finale: Presto Poco adagio; cantabile

Our finale won’t be a sparkling rondo (though there will be one or two of those flitting around the place, as well). No, none of that flighty, flibberti- gibbet, half-tipsy, giggly stuff for us; we’re going to end with dignity and nobility; we’re going to end with Haydn’s variations on what was (and is), maybe, […]

Comedies, Rondos & Birds

Op. 33 No. 3, C (The Bird) – 2. Scherzando. Allegretto (Trio) Haydn: String Quartets (complete) – Angeles String Quartet Angeles String Quartet Label:Philips Catalogue No:4646502 Series: Collectors Edition Discs: 21 Nine years were to elapse after the creative rush of opp. 9, 17 and 20  before Haydn returned to writing string quartets. When he did […]