A symphony must be like the world, it must embrace everything. — Gustav Mahler If there’s any work of Mahler’s that lives up to his above dictum, it must be his Third Symphony. It really does embrace the whole of creation: starting from the inanimate world and the awakening of the great god Pan; moving from […]

Symphony No. 2, The Resurrection

 (Arleen Augér, Janet Baker, Simon Rattle with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra) Course materials: List of works Below (still there!) is some general stuff – useful for intervals, key signatures, etc. Keyboard Cycle of 5ths Any copyrighted material on these pages is included as “fair use/dealing”, for the purpose of study, and critical analysis […]

Mahler’s first

My music is, throughout and always, but a sound of nature. — Gustav Mahler From the hushed ‘nature sounds’ of its opening: by way of a stroll across the fields, a peasant dance, a Viennese waltz, a mock-ironic huntsman’s funeral (with a goodish dollop of tongue-in-cheek schmaltz thrown in) to a final emotional tornado, ending with this […]