DSCH 10 – Monster (maybe): the Lover: the Winner

Josef Stalin died in March 1953; Shostakovich′s 10th Symphony was first performed in December of that year. The composer had been labouring under official (i.e. Stalin’s) censure for his ‘insanely sombre and neurotic’ music  since 1948 … The audio file below deals with the final three movements of the work (remember to adjust the volume, […]

What’s so important about the string quartet?

It was Haydn who started it all. You can quibble about Boccherinis or Albrechtsbergers, Dittersdorfs or Vanhals, but in the end, when it comes to the crunch, you’ll be forced to admit that it was Haydn who was fons et origo of the strings quartet. And after? Mozart and Beethoven: Mozart dedicated six glorious quartets […]