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Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises, Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.

 The Tempest is the opposite of a disappointment; it is a masterpiece of airy beauty and eerie power.

Alex Ross on Adès’s opera, The Tempest
The New Yorker, March 1, 2004.

This week we complete our trawl through 20th century English music with the work of Thomas Adès. I must admit to having to cheat (slightly), since many of the works we’ll listen to and discuss were actually written in the 21st century; but any survey of contemporary English music would, I feel, be incomplete if Adès were not included.

Thomas Adès conducts his violin concerto, Concentric Paths with
Anthony Marwood (violin) and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe.

… and then, who knows what?? A mystery concert of music by composers whose music, for want of time, we should have, but haven’t, managed to hear in the past few weeks; a guilt trip for me and – I hope – a pleasant experience for you.

Course materials:

Thomas Adès

Cycle of 5ths

Keyboard graphic 2 octaves

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