Latin America’s rich but bewildering cultural mix of native, Spanish, Portuguese, African and a few other traditions has produced an astonishing variety of musics. From the dance rhythms of the Dominican Republic’s Bachata to the aerobics of the Zumba and from the Bach/Brazilian hommages of Heitor Villa-Lobos’ Bachianas Brasileiras… w …to the Argentinian, Astor Piazzolla’s  Nuevo Tango… […]

Answers from the Amazon

This week it’s the turn of the brilliant G Prelude and Fugue from Book II. Here’s the exposition of the fugue: The articulations (staccatos, mezzo-staccatos, slurs, tenutos, etc.) are, of course, mine and serve to illustrate some of the sort of decisions (other than tempo) that interpreters have to make when approaching these pieces. The […]