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In my less generous moments I considered calling this post The Drinker, the Sluggard and the Megalomaniac but a sense of fair play prevailed, since these calumnies, though they can be (just about) substantiated, reflect only the negative sides of three men who were fine composers and fascinating and complex human beings:

Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov

 *Anatoly Konstantinovich Lyadov:








Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin

Lyadov: The Enchanted Lake
Liadov, Anatole Konstantinovich [Composer] – Liadov: The Enchanted Lake, Op.62
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Glazunov: The Seasons Op.67, Autumn

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Scriabin short biography

The timber millionaire Mitrofan Belyayev was a great musical philanthropist supporting composers such as Glazunov and Lyadov, promoting concerts of Russian music, and founding, in Leipzig, the music publishing house of M. P. Belaieff  and thereby, for the first time, protecting the international copyright of Russian composers.

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