Schnittke and Gubaidulina

A symphony must be like the world, It must embrace everything
– Gustav Mahler

Alfred Schnittke 1934-1998

For this, our final session for this term, we’ll explore the astonishing world of Schnittke’s First Symphony…

Sofia Gubaidulina

…and the spiritual journey that is Gubaidulina’s first violin concerto: Offertorium.

Gubaidulina uses the Thema Regium (King’s Theme) from Bach’s Musical Offering as the basis of her entire concerto. Just to refresh your memory:

Thema Regium

(transposed here from the original c minor to d minor – the key in which it appears in Offertorium)

Gubaidulina, Sofia [Composer] – Gubaidulina: Offertorium (1980) – Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
[Spotify search terms: gubaidulina offertorium kremer]

No scores, I’m afraid; they’re not yet in the public domain in the EU.

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