8. Not Germany or France

The lure of Impressionism spread across the Channel and the Pyrenees. The English swapped their allegiance from Germany (Elgar) to France (Vaughan Williams), while many Spanish composers of the period studied and/or worked in Paris.

Manuel de Falla is a case in point, he lived in Paris from 1907 to 1914 and was influenced by, and acquainted with, both Ravel and Debussy…

Noches en los
Jardines de España
[Nights in the Gardens of Spain]

0:00En el Generalife
10:20Danza Lejana
15:48En los jardines de la Sierra de Córdoba


… while Vaughan Williams’ threnodic Pastoral Symphony (1922) perfectly reflects his studies with Ravel (1907-1908).

Vaughan Williams:
Pastoral Symphony

0:00 Molto moderato
10:19 Lento moderato
19:44 Moderato pesante – Presto
27:11 Lento – Moderato maestoso


Scriabin’s musical language was very much his own, but the atmosphere, sentiments and dark mysticism of his later works clearly ally him with the Expressionists:

Vers la flamme


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