9. Who?

Some of the not quite so well known musical figures of the two artistic movements.

Alexander von Zemlinsky doubled as a fine composer and Schönberg’s father-in-law. Here he sets the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore for solo singers and large orchestra – his Lyric Symphony:

Lyric Symphony

1. Ich bin friedlos, ich bin durstig nach fernen Dingen0:00
2. O Mutter, der junge Prinz9:47
3. Du bist die Abendwolke16:16
4. Sprich zu mir, Geliebter22:02
5. Befrei mich von den Banden deiner Süße, Lieb29:11
6. Vollende denn das letzte Lied31:15
7. Friede, mein Herz35:35


Text and translation
(you can view parallel German & English for each individual poem by clicking on ‘view original text’ at the bottom of each poem).

André Caplet also led a double life; like Zemlinsky has was a fine composer but also doubled as Debussy’s friend and sometime amanuensis:

Les Prières

Oraison dominicale (Lord’s Prayer)
Salutations angélique (Ave Maria)
Symbole des apôtres (Creed)


From its floaty opening scored for flute, harp, celesta, harmonium and piano, Franz Schreker’s Chamber Symphony is a treasure trove of musical sound. It’s in one movement but contains within it the usual symphonic configuration of slow introduction, Allegro, Adagio, Scherzo and Finale:

Chamber Symphony


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