A significant development…

Mozart: String Quartets (DG Collectors Edition), Hagen Quartet We’ve spent some time over the last fortnight talking about, listening to, and comparing expositions and recapitulations; now it’s the turn of that crucial middle bit, the development section, to go under the spotlight. Course materials: A list of all 23 Mozart quartets plus some other useful bits […]

Brush up your fugue-speak – K.387, Finale

Do you remember our study of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier — subjects, counter subjects, answers, strettos, etc? Well, here’s a golden opportunity to dust down your fugue jargon and give it a good airing because in the Finale of his quartet K. 387 Mozart shows off his far from inconsiderable contrapuntal skills  in an astonishing mixture of […]

X. Finale: Presto Poco adagio; cantabile

Our finale won’t be a sparkling rondo (though there will be one or two of those flitting around the place, as well). No, none of that flighty, flibberti- gibbet, half-tipsy, giggly stuff for us; we’re going to end with dignity and nobility; we’re going to end with Haydn’s variations on what was (and is), maybe, […]

Comedies, Rondos & Birds

Op. 33 No. 3, C (The Bird) – 2. Scherzando. Allegretto (Trio) Haydn: String Quartets (complete) – Angeles String Quartet Angeles String Quartet Label:Philips Catalogue No:4646502 Series: Collectors Edition Discs: 21 Nine years were to elapse after the creative rush of opp. 9, 17 and 20  before Haydn returned to writing string quartets. When he did […]