Close Harmonie?

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You can use the carousel, to look at the autograph score. Click on or touch the slide on the left; it will open up to fill your screen, you can then toggle through the two examples by using the arrows at the side. To leave it simply press Escape (Esc) or, if on your phone or tablet – where the examples are best viewed in landscape – the small x in the top right hand corner.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Serenade No. 10 in B-flat ‘Gran Partita’, K. 361

07:46 I. Largo. Molto Allegro
17:11 II. Menuetto
26:23 III. Adagio
31:43 IV. Menuetto. Allegretto
37:17 V. Romance. Adagio
44:12 VI. Tema con variazioni. Andante
53:27 VII. Finale. Molto Allegro

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Serenade No. 11 in E-flat (revised version for wind octet), K. 375

00:00​ I. Allegro maestoso
07:00​ II. Menuetto I
11:07​ III. Adagio
17:15​ IV. Menuetto II
20:04​ V. Allegro

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Serenade No. 12 in c, K. 388

0:00 I. Allegro
8:10 II. Andante
12:14 III. Menuetto & Trio
16:02 IV. Allegro

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1 thought on “Close Harmonie?

  1. What masterpieces these three serenades are! Looking at the furrowed brows of the Concertgebouw musicians in the Gran Partita, you can’t help thinking that Mozart must have had some very good players to call on. I heard a British oboist talk about this piece on the radio recently – she said that by the time you get to the Rondo Finale you are completely shattered! Were they just tougher in Mozart’s day?
    On the E flat serenade, I (marginally) prefer the sextet version to the octet. But I’d happily have either playing during my supper!

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