Courses for Spring 2019

Freud and Sachertorte, Harry Lime and Klimt, the Prater, the Belvedere, the Spanish Riding School, the Albertina, coffee houses, the Ringstrasse, the Heurige – Vienna is known for all of these and much, much more. But perhaps the city’s most famous feature is its music: the list of composers who have found its atmosphere congenial and settled there is long and impossibly distinguished; it’s home to one of the world’s greatest orchestras and finest concert halls and has an opera house that ranks alongside those of New York and Milan.
Join me on the 16th of January to explore the city of Vienna and its musical heritage.

St. James’ Parish Centre,
Walter Road,
Swansea SA1 4QF

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019,
2.30–4.30 pm for 10 weeks
Course fee: £40

Interested? Click the link below (or simply come along on the 16th):

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