Courses for 2017

Definitely not a music theory course (well, maybe just a smidgen) and bursting with musical examples, Exploring Harmony (and dissonance!) will ponder such imponderables as ‘what sort of music (if any) did cavemen like?’ while simultaneously pursuing our elusive and definitely skittish perception of the ‘harmonious’ from 12th century France through 18th and 19th century Europe to the 21st century and most of the world. Come along; stretch your ears!
Community Hall, Hazel Court,
Sketty Park,
Swansea SA2 8BP
Wednesday, 27th September, 2017,
2.15–4.15 pm for 10 weeks
Course fee: £40
Interested? Click the link below:
Reservation/request further information

other music courses for Autumn:
Adult Learning Wales


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