Haydn Saint Anthony Variations

To listen simply press on the audio player below
(you can also download the file –
click on the three dots on the right):

Sorry that it looks a bit like a map of the London Underground, but if you listen to the podcast above, it makes some kind of sense.

And here’s how the ground-bass of the finale was arrived at:

  • Theme. Chorale St. Antoni. Andante
  • Variation I. Poco più animato – 2/4
  • Variation II. Più vivace – 2/4
  • Variation III. Con moto  – 2/4
  • Variation IV. Andante con moto  – 3/8
  • Variation V. Vivace – 6/8
  • Variation VI. Vivace – 2/4
  • Variation VII. Grazioso – 6/8
  • Variation VIII. Presto non troppo – 3/4
  • Finale  – 2/2

I thought I’d give both versions of the work so that you can compare them. Note that despite their opus number order (56a is orchestra and 56b pianos), the piano version was written first.

This is Ivan Fischer with Budapesti Fesztiválzenekar:

…and the two pianists are Anastasia Gromoglasova (left) and Lyubov Gromoglasova (right)

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5 thoughts on “Haydn Saint Anthony Variations

  1. Julia Johnson emailed:

    I’ve just watched and listened to the two piano performance. What a challenge to play and what a wonderful performance. It’s a very interesting contrast too with the orchestral version. Thanks Chris!


  2. Listened to both versions and enjoyed both but I think I preferred the orchestral one. But I have to say that I admired the skills of the two piano players.

  3. I am at least one month behind but as we say in Welsh
    “un dyn bach ar ol ”
    I have listened to St. Anthony variations twice and enjoyed both times
    -not sure if :-
    I am understanding the intellectual rigour of the composition ?

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