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Dvořák: Op. 93 Concert Overture Othello

Rossini: Otello – Duet: Ah vieni, nel tuo sangue

You can also view a complete performance of the opera here.

Verdi: Otello

Otello in extremis: Dio! mi potevi scagliar tutti i mali

Desdemona’s Willow Song: Piangea cantando nell’erma landa 

Entire opera with Italian subtitles
(English libretto available below)

Act 1Act 2Act 3Act 4

English/Italian libretto

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2 thoughts on “Othello

  1. Wonderful music.Many thanks Chris. I had not heard the Rossini before but would like to see it live. The Verdi is always worth a listen especially on a wet morning.

  2. Wonderful, Chris – made me want to rush out a see Verdi-Boito’s Otello again. The only time I saw it for real was at the Grand in 1996, in the days when Welsh Nat Opera used to perform in Swansea – a marvellous production as I remember it and one of the best things WNO ever did. I can still see Donald Maxwell’s Iago.

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