Re: Interpretation

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The original Satie:

Debussy orchestrates Satie:

The original Debussy:

Matthews orchestrates Debussy:

The original Schubert – who needs Disney’s Fantasia?

Berlioz orchestrates Schubert:

Liszt transcribes Schubert for solo piano (he also did piano paraphrases of operas). Unless you’re feeling superbly confident, best not tried at home…

Ernst rewrites Schubert for unaccompanied violin. Brilliant, but is it actually music?

The original Mussorgsky:

0.00 Promenade 1
1:46 Gnomus
4:05 Promenade 2
5:05 Vecchio Castello
11:34 Promenade 3
12:00 Tuileries (Children Quarreling After Play)
12:47 Bydlo (Ox Cart)
16:30 Promenade 4
17:22 Ballet of the Chicks in Their Shells
18:18 Two Polish Jews, One RIch, the Other Poor
20:33 Promenade 5
22:12 Limoges, The Market Place
22:59 Catacombae (Sepulcrum Romanum)
24:20 Con Mortuis in Lingua Mortua
26:16 The Hut on Fowl’s Legs (Baba-Yaga)
29:03 The Great Gate of Kiev

Ravel orchestrates Mussorgsky:

Promenade – 0:20
1. The Gnome – 2:00
2. The Old Castle – 5:32
3. Tuileries – 11:48
4. Bydlo – 12:58
5. Ballet of Unhatched Chicks – 16:53
6. Samuel Goldenburg and and ‘Schmuyle – 18:00
7. Limonges. The Market – 20:25
8. Catacombs – 21:43
9. The Hut an Hen’s Legs – 26:00
10. The Great Gate of Kiev – 29:17

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1 thought on “Re: Interpretation

  1. Interesting as some of the arrangements (and the animation) of the Erlkoenig are, Schubert’s original is quite spooky enough for me. Thanks for another fascinating course, Chris.

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