STRING CONCERTOS 1 – String Instruments & Corelli

A game of Spot the Famous – and Not Quite so Famous – String Concerto (with examples separated by beeps):

The answers (no cheating, please!):

The violin (viola & ‘cello):

The four open strings of the violin, viola and cello are tuned in fifths,the double bass, however, is tuned in fourths…

… they sound like this (but without the vibrato – my computer hasn’t a sample of open strings!):

But the bass, with its sloping shoulders and strings tuned in fourths is technically a viol and not a member of the violin family:

The beginning of it all (maybe); a complete performance of Arcangelo Corelli’s Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 2 in F:

00:00 1. Vivace
00:15 2. Allegro
00:57 3. Adagio
01:42 4. Vivace
01:55 5. Allegro
02:51 6. Largo Andante
03:51 7. Allegro
05:39 8. Grave
06:08 9. Andante Largo
07:26 10. Allegro

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