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In 1853, aged 34, Clara wrote a number of pieces that were, for all intents and purposes, her last contribution to the world of composition. Amongst them were these Three Romances for violin. Written as a birthday present for Robert they were dedicated to the Hungarian violinist she frequently partnered in recitals, Joseph Joachim.

Clara Schumann:
Three Romances for Violin & Piano

Andante molto (00:00)
Allegretto: Mit zartem Vortrage (03:20)
Leidenschaftlich schnell (06:27)


Robert Schumann:
Piano Quintet in E-flat, Op. 44

Robert tended to produce his music in groups of genres: until 1839 he wrote only for solo piano; then, in 1840 (his so Liederjahr [Year of Song]) he wrote nearly 140 songs. Two years later it was chamber music’s turn – three string quartets, a piano quartet and this – first among equals – the Piano Quintet, Op. 44 which he dedicated to Clara:

0:00 Allegro brillante
9:31 In modo d’una marcia. Un poco largamente
19:28 Scherzo: Molto vivace
24:13 Allegro ma non troppo


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