10. Finally, Sibelius

For the last of our symphonic composers we leave the German speaking world again; this time for the far north: Finland. Jean Sibelius wrote seven symphonies ranging from the Romantic, Tchaikovskian First Symphony to the tightly argued, one movement Seventh. Interestingly (and tragically) after this, last symphony, for the last near forty years of his life, the composer was reduced to silence.

The third of Sibelius’ symphonies represents a departure from the lush romanticism of his previous two symphonic works and presages the more austere world of the later symphonies. The first movement in particular deals in clear classical architecture and precise melodic content.

Jean Sibelius:
Symphony No. 3 in C

00:00 Allegro moderato
10:50 Andantino con moto, quasi allegretto
20:33 Moderato

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