3. Wish you were here?

Apart from his prodigious musical talents Felix Mendelssohn was no mean watercolourist (see below); so when he was sent – as was the fashion for young men of the affluent classes at the time – on a grand tour which included Scotland and Italy, he sent home paintings of scenes that had appealed to him (this is still the pre-postcard era). But his ‘holiday snaps’ didn’t stop there because, being primarily a musician, he also transformed his experiences into orchestral sound, producing two symphonies (Nos. 3 & 4) known respectively as the Scottish and the Italian…

0:20 Andante con moto – Allegro un poco agitato
17:58 Vivace non troppo
22:30 Adagio
32:38 Allegro vivacissimo – Allegro maestoso assai


Allegro vivace 00:34
Andante con moto 11:10
Con moto moderato 16:56
Saltarello. Presto 23:04


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