The fat knight sings

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Nicolai: Merry Wives of Windsor

Sung in English
Act 1Act 2Act 3

Vaughan Williams: Sir John in Love

Act 1Act 2 Act 3Act 4

Verdi: Falstaff

Act 1Act 2Act 3
English libretto
(I’m afraid it smacks of a Google translate job,
but you’ll get the gist!)

0.00 Falstaff and Prince Henry •
3:13 Eastcheap – Gadshill – The Boar’s Head. Revelry and sleep •
16:25 Dream Interlude: ‘Jack Falstaff, now Sir John, a boy,
and page to Thomas Mowbray,
Duke of Norfolk’ (Poco allegretto) •
18:55 Falstaff’s march – The return through Gloucestershire •
23:13 Interlude: Gloucestershire. Shallow’s orchard (Allegretto) –
The new king – The hurried ride to London •
26:07 King Henry V’s progress –
The repudiation of Falstaff, and his death

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3 thoughts on “The fat knight sings

  1. Falstaff was another great role for WNO’s Donald Maxwell. He was a brilliant comic actor-singer – still is, for all I know. Fascinating to hear Nikolai, V-W and Elgar alongside Verdi, and by no means outclassed.

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