Rhenish & Danubian – 26/05/21

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Surprise! Gondoliers at the bottom of the Rhine? Surely not!!

Liszt and Heine’s femme fatale (literally!) – the Lorelei:

Liszt/Heine: Lorelei (text & translation)

The making of a river: the Prelude to Scene One of Das Rheingold, plus that rather odd combination of girl guide and seductress, Wagner‘s Rhinemaidens:

Wagner again, in the Prologue to Götterdämmerung [The Twilight of the Gods] Siegfried sets out in search of adventure:

A must! Celibidache conducts Schumann‘s Rhenish Symphony:

I. Lebhaft
II. Scherzo: Sehr mäßig
III. Nicht schnell
IV. Feierlich
V. Lebhaft

Definitely not femmes fatales: Janáček melds together his tortured heroines and the river Danube:

II. Adagio
III. Allegro
IV. Vivo

A slightly delayed New Year’s celebration with Strauss (Junior) and the Vienna Philharmonic:

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