Ehi! Paggio!

Adolf Schrödter (1805-1875): Falstaff and his Page

Ehi! Paggio! …Due lettere, prendi, per due signore.
Consegna tosto, corri, lesto, va!

[Eh! Page boy! …Take these two letters, for two ladies.
Carry them at once, hurry, run, go!]

Salieri’s overture; a chance to do a comparative review of Falstaffs; Verdi’s Act 1, Scene 2, and – would you believe it? – I forgot last week to mention the world’s 212th richest man! This must be rectified.

Libretto Act 1

Verdi: Falstaff, Act 1, Scene 2
Adrianne Pieczonka – Verdi: Falstaff / Act 1 – “Alice” – “Meg” – “Nannetta”
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Act 1

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