Swedish Serenades


 After the intensity of Sibelius’ 7th we should maybe head across the Baltic to relax a little, sample a smörgåsbord and sip chilled aquavit lightly spiced with caraway, anise and fennel. And the music? Another smörgåsbord! Serenades by Stenhammar, Dag Wiren and Lars-Erik Larsson; and, on the more serious side, a symphony by Alfvén, a piano concerto by Stenhammar and finally, for dessert, Larsson’s delightful Förklädd gud (Disguised God).

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1 thought on “Swedish Serenades

  1. Chris, I felt sure that if you were going for the antithesis of heavy this week you’d be certain to include Armas Järnevelt’s Praeludium (for small orchestra): it’s so charming I can’t believe it’s not British! (Perfect for a requested piece on “Down Your Way” with Franklin Engelmann circa 1958).

    Just checked, however, and DOH! Järnevelt was a Finn: yet another of those pesky finsksvenskar — they get everywhere, man!

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