One of the most perfect works of music?

In the header image of this blog (‘signed’ portraits of Bach and Wagner) you can see that the older composer is holding a piece of paper, unsurprisingly this turns out to be manuscript paper; even closer inspection (see below) reveals that it contains the music of the six part triple canon BWV1076.

The middle voice (circled in red) was also, however, used (in a slightly altered version) by Bach as the subject of our main study for this week, the E fugue from the second book of The Well Tempered Clavier – a piece described by Wanda Landowska as ‘one of the most perfect works of music’.

Fugue 9 2 theme

Course materials:

Fugue in E, Book 2
(also available for download in the box on the right).

Below (you never know when you’ll need them!) is some general stuff – useful for intervals, key signatures, etc.


Cycle of 5ths

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