The unusual suspects

TrioMugshots of a triumvirate of nineteenth century musical knights; from left to right Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Sir Charles Villiers Stanford and Sir Hubert Parry.

OK, ok, so only one of them is actually an Anglo-Saxon (and even he has a suspiciously Welsh sounding name!) Together – their mostly celtic origins notwithstanding – they presided over what has been described as an English musical renaissance…

Stanford – Symphonies Nos 4 and 7 [Naxos]
Mackenzie: Violin Concerto/ Pibroch [Helios]
Parry: Invocation to Music; The Soul’s Ransom; Etc. [Chandos]

Course materials:

Mackenzie Parry Stanford

Cycle of 5ths

Keyboard graphic 2 octaves

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