What a rackett!

Angel musicians: Hans Memling (1430-94)
Angel musicians: Hans Memling (1430-94)

Listen (and don’t forget to adjust the volume at your end if needs be)

Requiem 02The autograph of Mozart’s Requiem
(the magnifying glass is by me!)

The Crumhorn

The Shawm

The Rackett aka Sausage Bassoon


The Mozart Clarinet Concerto played on period instruments, including – naturally – the basset clarinet:


Cecilia Bartoli and Sabine Meyer (basset clarinet) perform Parto, Parto, Ma Tu Ben Mio from Mozart’s La Clemenza di Tito


Pēteris Vasks is a Latvian composer and the folk music of his native land has a significant influence in this concerto for cor anglais:

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