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Cello open strings:Cello_open

Elgar’s concerto:


Kodály’s scordatura:


Left hand pizzicato:



Locked down Bach: Mischa Maisky plays the C major suite during lockdown.
Timings: 00:16 Prelude 04:27 Allemande 08:37 Courante 12:14 Sarabande 16:45 Bourree I/II 20:49 Gigue


Rostropovich, Giulini and the Dvořák Cello Concerto? Irresistible!
Timings: 0:00 Allegro 16:40 Adagio, ma non troppo 30:01 Finale: Allegro moderato – Andante – Allegro vivo


Kodály: Sonata for unaccompanied cello in b, played by the young Swedish/Hungarian cellist Jakob Koranyi (a must, this!):
Timings: 00:15 Allegro maestoso ma appassionato 09:09 Adagio con gran espressione 21:02 Allegro molto vivace


Feeling adventurous/nostalgic? Take a trip back to the 1960s avant-garde with that most inventive of composers György Ligeti. His cello (anti?)concerto starts (impossibly!) pppppppp and the note is E…
Timings: 0.00 crotchet = 40 8.20 (Lo stesso tempo) [The same tempo]

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