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A final fugue

Having started our course with the first Prelude & Fugue in Book I, it seems only right to finish with last in Book II.

Fugue 24 2 b

You can listen to the b Fugue by clicking on the audio link below; and the score – split into its three separate voices – is available under ‘Course materials’ just beneath it. In an effort to keep the voices clearly differentiated, I’ve ‘orchestrated’ the piece for the unlikely sounding combination of (what my computer tells me is) alto flute, human voice and ’cello. Why not have a bash at it with the score? You’ll enjoy it!

Course materials:

Fugue in b, Book 2
(also available for download in the box on the right).

Below (you never know when you’ll need them!) is some general stuff – useful for intervals, key signatures, etc.


Cycle of 5ths

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