Lazy bones?

There are people who, through some flaw or other in their personality, acquire a bad reputation, a reputation which then proceeds to dog them throughout history to the detriment of several other sterling qualities: one such is poor Anatoly Lyadov.

He wasn’t poor, not in the pecuniary sense, anyway. A scion of a well-to-do St.Petersburg musical family, he also married into wealth. Perhaps not ever having to bat the wolf from the door contributed to his failing.

His flaw? He was indolent, dilatory, lazy.

His sterling qualities? Well, these must surely be among them…

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2 thoughts on “Lazy bones?

  1. I can’t help wondering if batting the wolf from the door wasn’t perhaps a little known, and now lost, form of north Russian cricket (even if Lyadov himself was never called to the crease)… 😉

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