An UnfFinished Symphony

To listen press on the audio player below
(you can also download the file –
click on the three dots on the right):

You can use the carousel, to look at the images. Click on or touch the top left; (slide 1) it will open up to fill your screen, you can then toggle between the two examples by using the arrows at the side. To leave it simply press Escape (Esc) or, if on your phone or tablet – where the examples are best viewed in landscape – the small x in the top right hand corner.

For reasons best known to themselves, the recording companies have sent the movements of both the Beecham and Harnoncourt recordings up to YouTube as separate files. This means that to hear the entire symphony you’ll have to click on each individual movement.

Sir Thomas Beecham & the Royal Philharmonic:

II. Andante con moto
III. Menuetto – Allegro molto
IV. Allegro vivace

Nikolaus Harnoncourt & the Concertgebouw:

II. Andante con moto
III. Menuetto – Allegro molto
IV. Allegro vivace

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2 thoughts on “An UnfFinished Symphony

  1. I know this week we were looking at Schubert’s 5th Symphony but as we looked at Beethoven’s 5th in Week 1, I thought this would be of interest, Beethoaven’s 5th Symphony played on a guitar (it just appeared on my Facebook feed today). A very talented player

  2. Very difficult to choose. Although he is Austrian, Harnoncourt doesn’t quite have the Viennese charm and lilt that this music calls for, and which it gets from Beecham. Even so, I enjoyed both performances enormously.

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