Variations on variations

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Parry: Symphonic Variations

Variation 1 (1st movement) • Variation 13 (Scherzo)
Variation 19 (Slow movement) • Variation 24 (Finale)

D’Indy: Istar

Her bejeweled breastplate
The belt around her waist
The rings on her toes and fingers
The final veil

Strauss: Don Quixote

1. » Introduction
07:06 2. » Theme: Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
09:25 3. » Variation I: Adventure at the Windmills
12:02 4. » Variation II: The victorious struggle against the army of the great emperor Alifanfaron (aka the sheep)
13:41 5. » Variation III: Dialogue between Knight and Squire
22:26 6. » Variation IV: Unhappy adventure with a procession of pilgrims
24:21 7. » Variation V: The knight’s vigil
28:32 8. »Variation VI: The Meeting with Dulcinea
29:47 9. » Variation VII: The Ride through the Air
31:03 10. » Variation VIII: The unhappy voyage in the enchanted boat
32:50 11. » Variation IX: Battle with the magicians
34:02 12. » Variation X: Duel with the knight of the bright moon
38:44 13. » Finale: Death of Don Quixote

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2 thoughts on “Variations on variations

  1. Thanks for introducing us to Parry’s Symphonic Variations, which I had never heard. An underrated composer and misunderstood man – politically radical. A touch of the sea shanty in his theme? Apparently he loved sailing and noted wind and weather every day in his diary!

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